Alice Exclusives

Alice Exclusives Are Connections Only Alice Offers

Alice Exclusives are data feeds that are only available through Alice. While Open Banking is making excellent strides in creating the foundation for innovation many other sources such as Insurance, Cryptocurrencies Exchanges, Utility Companies, Prepaid Cards and even the latest FinTech apps are not accessible to the next generation of developers. 


Alice solves this problem because she is an artificial intelligence capable of connecting to services, without cost prohibitive human intervention, that have not yet created an easy to use API. Because Alice is accessible via API she is able to translate between “application speak” on the one side and “human speak” on the other, making many otherwise inaccessible applications available to developers.


Alice does not have commercial agreements with these data sources as it is not required in any of the regions where Alice operates. In regions or applications where commercial agreements are appropriate Alice partners with “Open Banking Intermediaries” to provide these connections. Alice focuses exclusively on providing access to data that is not yet available through an API.


Alice is highly compliant and ensures that users have delegated this task to Alice with informed consent. Alice also ensures that the data is never used for any other purpose other than to enable the specific user experience requested by the end user. If Alice helps you make a payment or get a loan you can be confident that your data is never used for any other purpose. Alice has been architected from the ground up to isolate user data and her customers are audited regularly to ensure the proper controls are in place to keep this promise.