Artificial Intelligence Makes Alice Unique

Alice is Special

Alice is Alive and Always Learning

Alice has her own neural network and has mastered the ability to add new data sources and new data types without human intervention. She uses cutting edge machine learning, image recognition and a unique ability to alternate from broad to narrow analysis so we never write or maintain code for a specific data source.

Alice is Kind to Users and Regulators

Because Alice is so efficient and building and maintaining data sources we don't need to resell customer data, in any form, in order to keep costs manageable. This greatly reduces regulatory challenges and ethical issues around informed consent. Alice only uses data to enable the requested customer experience.

Alice is Quick and Agile

If you have a data source or a data type you'd like to prototype Alice probably already supports it. But if she doesn't it usually takes her less than 24 hours to understand the request and add it to her skillset making it available to you through our existing API calls.

Alice is Fun to Work With

Often integrating with an API is more work than it should be. Not so with Alice. Her APIs are built to the latest standards and our documentation is professional and complete. If your team does have questions you'll see a quick response and updated docs faster than you'd hope.

The only way to know the future is to build it.

With banks facing unprecedented disruption from fintech apps that unbundle services and build streamlined and delightful user experiences the stakes have never been higher so let Alice help you discover the next killer app first.