Our Mission

Alice is helping to build a free and open financial web. We believe this will have an even greater impact on creating a more just, accessible and delightful world than the Internet itself.

Our Story

Nanjuan Shi and Jack Couch began working together at Microsoft in Redmond Washington over a decade ago.


In 2008 they launched DeepIntel and helped Microsoft, Google, and Amazon implement security best practices and pioneered Threat Modeling in software design.

At Microsoft they helped design the first corporate cryptocurrency - Microsoft's Currency Stored Value (CSV) and became obsessed with the potential for rebuilding finance.


This passion led them to build Monchilla.com and later run the Banking in Payments team inside Xero.com.

After becoming Plaid's first large customer and shipping the first direct integration with Wells Fargo, Nanjuan and Jack left Xero in 2016 to found Alice and bring AI to bear on the problems they were convinced couldn't be solved without extensive R&D.

After over 2 years of focused research Alice went live in 2020 when she could understand over 10,000 financial institutions without human intervention. 

Today she understands over 20,000 and is the only way to enable experiences using data from the worlds most popular fintech apps.

Experienced Leadership